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PostSubject: application   Thu May 22, 2008 6:52 pm

Requirements to join us:
1.Being in the North West

2. Active
All the time: work, home, on my blackberry

3. Pop >150+

4. Army > 1/2 pop
Not yet, have a strong economy though, and TTs will be researched by tonight
Tomorrow the fun begins

5. Not be a Farm
Iíve been attacked many times, every single one came away with 0,0,0,0
My cranny is WELL above my storage

6. Experienced
Mostly in US servers. Just finished USX, alliance had a WW but we didnít win, lot of exp though

7. Loyal
Of course, Iím a US Marine, nuff said

8. Team Player
See #7

Look forward to hearing from you

- Teuf
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